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Mad long time since an update. Well, I'm only going to start from last Saturday (12/18). My girlfriend Ashley came down from New Hampshire. It had been three weeks since I had last seen her. It was excellent. After a while of chilling at my house, we went into Boston. We walked around at Quincy Market for a while, then we went and grabbed a bite to eat a t Bertucci's. It was exellent, except for when my braces broke. ;) It was great because I had never been on a real "date" with her before, nor have a been on a date EVER. We enjoyed it very much so. After we ate we walked around some more, went into a few shops and whatnot. On the train ride home, there was a crazy guy who said he had a knife and was trying to jump off the train while it was moving. Psycho. (It was Ashley's first time on a train too. HAHA.) After we went home we "chilled" at my house and did our thing. It was sad when it came time for her to go home. We drove her to her dad's in Lynnfield, said goodbye.

On Sunday I hung out with Kyle and skated. It was fun.

Monday school was gay. After school I chilled with Brian and Zac. Some memorable quotes were:
"I'll have a bacon steak and cheese." and,
"I'll have a bacon steak.. Ahh shit."
It was fun. It was also me and Ashley's 4 month anniversary! It should really be like two years..

Then today I skipped school and chilled at Brians house with Zac and the cool dudes from No Restraint. It was fun. Now I'm home.. I miss my girlfriend..


Playing Tiger Woods and eating pizza.

The sun in from of my neighbors house.

My skateboard that I've had for like a year and hadn't used for like a month. I need a new one for Christmas.

Phone with Ashley. =)

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