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When you're dead, no one will cry!

So yeah Napolean Dynamite came out on DVD Tuesday. I better be getting it for Christmas. So yesterday was gay, I ditched school with Nassor and Zac. We chilled at Bri's house then I went home. Later on that night me and Steve hooked up and went and saw Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. It was actually pretty cool. I liked it. After we saw that, we went into another theater and saw some of The Incredibles. Soo gay. There were only two other people in that theater so I took a piss in the back row, it was funny.
Then today I woke up and it was crappy out. I never got around to getting presents for my family, so I decided to go last minute shopping at CVS on Boston Street. .

Hi America!

You can read, SCREW!

It's Brendan Joseph Brown!! Look!! See??

My ill LCHS throwback hoodie size Youth Small from 1994.

Asian grave. 0_0

I wanna be buried like that, all above ground and whathaveyou.

I got my dad and brother some gifts and I got Ashley a card. Later on I left home and went over Steve's. We hung around there for a while with Monty and Joe Paru. Then we left, and they left, and Tommy came. Then me Steve and Tommy went over to Steph Lyle's house where the infamous Lauren was and hung out there. We made Tommy leave. It was fun. We watched Degrassi and discussed gay people, now they all think I'm gay but I'm really not. : / Then it came time to leave and I did. Now I'm home, sad cause Ashley is probably sleeping and shes not asnwering her cell phone.. I just wanna talk to her.. She sent me new pics in my Email!! Woot!! Keep up the good work Ashley! ; )

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